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Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer .38 ACP - Serial Number 19246

Model 1903 Pocket Hammer serial number 19246 (circa. 1904)  Pistol features early high polish finish, round case hardened hammer and fire blued trigger, pins and screws.  In 1903, Colt's began producing this model in descending serial number order starting with serial number 19999.  This pistol is the 753rd gun produced.  Only the very earliest examples have the plunge milled slide serrations.  Pictured with this Colt is a very early period holster.

Serial numbers 19999 and 19984 (the first and fifteenth pistols produced) are known to collectors to have the three line patent marking.  Serial number 199998 (the second gun produced) has the two line patent marking.  Serial number 19246 also has the two line patent marking with the April 20, 1897 and Sept. 9, 1902 patent dates on the same line.

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