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Colt Model 1905 Military .45 ACP

Early Model 1905 sn 246 Cut for Stock/Holster 

Colt Model 1905 Pistol

A very early advertisement for the Colt Model 1905 .45 ACP.  (note rounded hammer)

A very late advertisement from March 23, 1912. (note spur hammer)

Capacity of Magazine  7 shots
Weight 32.5 ounces
Finish Full Blued, Checkered Walnut Stocks
Length of Barrel 5 inches
Length Overall 8 inches
Total Production 6,210
Dates Shipped 12/01/05 - 09/11/17

Colt Model 1905 Pistol Carbine

Model 1905 cut for holster/stock

Capacity of Magazine 7 shots
Pistol with Holster Attached, Weight 53.5 ounces
Barrel Length 5 inches
Serial Number Range 6 to 6,210
Total Production 440 pistols cut for stocks
408 shipped with holster stocks
Dates Shipped 12/18/05 - 04/12/13

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