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Colt Service Model Ace .22 LR - Serial Number SM 1513 Commercial
with Original Box, Target and Instructions

Colt Service Model Ace Serial Number SM1513 - This Service Model Ace serial number SM1513 was ordered with a 3 3/4 lb. trigger pull and shipped to the Loan Account, National Matches, Camp Perry, Ohio on August 2, 1939.  It was returned on September 16, 1939 and was reshipped to Zeppelin Arms Company, in Akron, Ohio on September 29, 1939.  It's interesting to note that SM1512 and SM1515 were military shipped guns.  It has a matching slide that is numbered to the frame (under the firing pin stop). It is accompanied by the original box and target, both of which are numbered to the gun. 

It is also accompanied by the the instructions, special instructions and Colt PL-22 catalog from January 1, 1939.  In this catalog, it's interesting to note that the Service Model Ace was the most expensive standard offered by Colt at the time, retailing for $60.  To put this into perspective, the Super Match and National Match pistols with adjustable sights both retailed for $50 each and the New Service Target was $52.50.

Colt Service Model Ace Serial Number SM1513 - Right side

Colt Service Model Ace Serial Number SM1513 - Left side

Colt Service Model Ace Serial Number SM1513 - Box end labels and serial number in pencil.  This pistol is complete with its' original shipping box. 

The label on the lower portion of the box is the standard Ace label.  The end label on the upper box end flap is what Colt used to distinguish the Service Model Ace from the Ace.  Note that the upper label indicates both the "Floating Chamber" and "Adjustable Sight" as features of the Service Model Ace.  Unlike the standard Ace pistol, the Service Model Ace was fitted with the Stevens Adjustable sight.  This sight was also used on versions of the Super Match, National Match, Conversion Units (both .22-.45 and .45-22) as well as some special order Government Model pistols.

Instructions for Adjusting Stevens Rear Sight  - this label was pasted inside the lid of the box for the Service Model Ace and for both the adjustable sight versions of the National Match  and Super Match.

Colt Service Model Ace Serial Number SM1513 - Label inside bottom of box.

Colt Service Model Ace Serial Number SM1513 -Top of box.

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