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Colt Conversion Unit .22 LR-.45 ACP - United States Marine Corps Shipment World War II Service Model Conversion Unit in Original Box - SN U1354 (ca. 1942)

Rich DiFlorio Collection

World War Two  (ca. 1942) Numbered Conversion Unit serial number U1354 - complete with original box, instructions and all accessories. Listing of eight component parts (as opposed to seven in post-war box) for the pre-war .22 Service Model Conversion Unit printed inside box lid.  Two tone magazine with "Service Model" designation on the floorplate.  This unit was one of 15 units sold to the United States Government and shipped May 5, 1942 to the Depot Quartermaster, United States Marine Corps, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Processed on Colt Factory Order Number 241.

View of the right side of the Colt Service Model Conversion Unit slide.

View of the left side of the Colt Service Model Conversion Unit slide.

Floating chamber - note how it's polished bright and unfinished.

Right side profile.

Conversion Unit component parts in the box.

Barrel muzzle also polished bright and unfinished.

Magazine base marked "COLT 22 L.R. SERVICE MODEL ACE"

Underside of conversion unit.

Instruction sheet code Form A217

Standard ".22-.45 Service Model Conversion Unit (Floating Chamber)" label on top of box. 

Pre-war 1940s vintage standard end label.

"U" prefix number on the top of the slide just ahead of the rear sight.  This specific unit letters as having been shipped to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in 1941.

Complete set of pre-war components.  Rampant Colt is present on the left side of slide only (on pre-post war numbered unit, Rampant Colt logo visible on both sides of slide).

Left side of slide bears "COLT'S PT F.A. MFG. CO. HARTFORD CT. U.S.A." and patent markings.

Late style Stevens sight, rear view.

Later style Stevens sight, left view.

Later style Stevens sight, right view.

Front sight - muzzle view.

Colt Service Model Ace milled feed ramp.

Colt Service Model Ace factory instruction sheet with Form A217 printer's code.

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