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Colt Conversion Unit .45 ACP - .22 LR - Serial Number U24 - Known Fake Colt .45-.22 Conversion Unit

FAKE Colt .45 -.22 Conversion Unit Serial Number U24 - This unit is a known fake of the .45-.22 Conversion Unit.  The purpose of disclosing this information is to make sure that any collector who is considering the purchase of one of these units, will not be deceived if they encounter this one in particular. For comparison purposes, I have inserted photos of an original unit to help highlight some of the fake's obvious flaws.

FAKE - Above is the right side slide legend from fake conversion unit U24.  Markings appear to have been applied with a pantograph.  Notice the missing hyphen between ".45" and ".22"

Close-up of Slide markings.

ORIGINAL - For comparison, pictured above is the right side slide legend from original unit U104

FAKE - Barrel with "45 COLT" marking visible through the ejection port is incorrect for these units.

FAKE - Notice the reblued rear sight, the differences in the sight alignment lines to the left of the "U" and the obvious variations in the fonts.

Close-up of serial number on top of slide

ORIGINAL - Close-up photo of serial number and early style Steven's sight of U104.

FAKE - Perhaps the most obvious characteristic of fake unit U24 is the presence of the serial number 162473 under the firing pin retainer.  Original units are unnumbered on the slide under the firing pin retainer.

FAKE - Pictured above is the barrel that accompanies fake U24.  The "MB" in a circle is pantographed and is perfectly symmetrical. Barrel lacks the "MATCH" over "COLT 45 AUTO".  This barrel may have started as an original Colt barrel, but the addition of the "MB" in circle, makes it a fake match barrel.

Close-up of Original Match Barrel

ORIGINAL - A close-up of the original match barrel that came with unit U104. In addition to the roll markings, notice the "MB" in a circle on the lug.  (Pay particular attention to how it's stamped when comparing

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