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Colt Conversion Unit .45 ACP - .22 LR - General Characteristics

Colt .45-.22 Conversion Unit Product Description

Colt .45-.22 "Conversion Unit"
For Converting the Colt Service Model Ace .22
to a .45 Caliber Pistol

The New .45-.22 Conversion Unit converts the recently developed .22 caliber Service Ace (with Floating Chamber) to caliber .45.  By simply interchanging the component parts of the Unit with the corresponding parts of the Service Ace, the shooter may shift from .22 caliber ammunition to .45 Automatic cartridges in a very few minutes.  The .45-.22 is composed of Match Grade slide, equipped with fixed front sight and either fixed or Stevens adjustable rear sight; selected Match barrel with bushing; recoil spring, recoil spring guide and plug; magazine and slide stop.  This new Unit makes it possible for you to secure maximum pleasure from your Colt Service Ace.

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