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Colt New Army Double Action Revolver .38 Long Colt - Collector's Information - Factory Inscribed "Tuthill R. Hillard" Serial Number 86905

Early Colt New Army Serial Number 86905 with 6" barrel - Factory blue finish with fire blue small parts and checkered hard rubber grips.  Revolver has a factory inscription "Tuthill R. Hillard" on the rear grip strap.

Tuthill Reynolds Hillard (b. abt 1851).  He is an 1883 graduate of Yale University. Admitted to the Luzerne Bar during 1885, Resident Attorneys of Luzerne County as of June, 6, 1885. Served as officer and charter member of the Wilkes-Barre & Eastern Railroad. Member of the FSAWV Board of Directors, 1895 to 1917. Family owner and then Treasurer of the Miner-Hillard Milling Co.

Miner-Hillard Milling Co

Miner-Hillard Milling Co, Wilkes Barre, PA - Officers (Tuthill R. Hillard is in the top row right)

He was a member of the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution descending form the following ancestors: HILLARD, JOSEPH 1737 - Sergeant, Capt. Samuel Gale's Killingsworth, CT, Company of Minute Men in the "Lexington Alarm," April 20-26, 1775; Ensign, Third Company, July 6, 1775; Lt., Seventh Regiment, Col. Charles Webb, Sept 1-Dec. 10, 1775; Ensign, First Company, Col. Samuel Mott's Battalion, 1776; Second Lt., Fourth Battalion, 1777, CT Militia;

Close-up of inscription "Tuthill R. Hillard" on rear grip strap.

Colt New Army Revolver Model of 1894, serial number 86905, blue finish with hard rubber grips, factory inscribed "Tuthill R. Hillard" on the back strap.  Shipped to Thomas J. Stewart, Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, June 21, 1897, part of a four gun shipment.

Thomas J. Stewart was born Sept. 11, 1848 near Belfast, Ireland, and was brought by his parents to Norristown, Montogomery Co., in 1849; was educated in the public schools, and at the Quaker City Business College in Philadelphia; at 16 years-of-age he enlisted as a private in the 138th Regt., PA Vol.; was engaged as a manufacturer and dealer in window glass from 1870 to 1882; was assistant Adjutant General of Department of PA, Grand Army of the Republic from 1882 to 1888; elected Department Commander in 1890; in 1883 was appointed Assistant Adjutant General of the Grand Army of the Republic in the United States; in Sept. 1897, was appointed Adjutant General of the Grand Army of the Republic by Commander-in-Chief J. P. S. Gobin; reappointed Sept. 1898 by Commander-in-Chief James A. Sexton; reappointed Sept. 1899 by Commander-in-Chief Albert D. Shaw; elected Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic Oct. 8, 1902; was a member of the House of Representatives, session of 1885-1886, has been connected with the National Guard of PA since 1868; was appointed adjutant of the 6th Regt., National Guard of PA in 1877; on Sept. 20, 1889 was appointed assistant adjutant general, First Brigade, and reappointed in 1894; was appointed on the part of the House of Representatives a member of the commission to locate and establish the PA Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, and afterward as a member of the board of trustees of the same institution on the part of the Grand Army of the Republic, and acted as secretary of both the commission and board of trustees; has been secretary of the Board of Trustees continuously since 1886; in 1890 was appointed a member of the Commission in charge of the Soldiers' Orphan Schools; elected Secretary of Internal Affairs Nov. 4, 1886, re-elected Nov. 4, 1890. Resigned Jan. 15, 1895. Appointed Adjutant General by Governor D. H. Hastings, Jan. 15, 1895; reappointed by Governor William A. Stone, Jan. 17, 1899; reappointed by Governor William W. Pennypacker, Jan. 21, 1903 and reappointed by Governor Edwin S. Stuart, Jan. 15, 1907.

Source: Smullís Legislative Hand Book and Manual of the State of Pennsylvania, 1910; Biographical Sketches of State Officers and United States Senators

Close-up view of left side of frame.

Marked on top of barrel:

PATENTED AUG. 5.1884 NOV.6.88. MAR.5.95.


Early Colt New Army Serial Number 86905 with 6" barrel - right side.  Front site is standard early rounded type.  The trigger and rear of the hammer are fire blued.

Close-up view of right side of frame.

Left side of barrel marked:
COLT. D.A. 38

Close-up view of fire blue on rear of hammer.

Close-up view of fire blue on trigger and screws.

View of butt of revolver showing serial number in two rows.

Cylinder, ejector and barrel marking view.

Assembly number "794" on frame.

Assembly number "794" on cylinder crane.

Cylinder release with assembly number "794".  This number is also scratched inside each of the grips from when they were fitted to the gun.

Close-up of rear of cylinder.

Close-up of front grip strap.

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