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COLT MODELS Gun of the Month - March 2006
Colt Government Model
Serial Number C5 Engraved by William H. Gough
Commissioned by Albert Foster, Jr. for his attorney James Bowen
Pictured with Colt New Service in .44 Russian

Private Collection

Colt Government Model Serial Number C5 - Master engraved by William H. Gough and signed by him under the custom checkered ivory grips.  This pistol has a "JB" monogram in gold on the top of the slide and there is also an inscription of "JB" on the grip safety.  The grips also contain the inscribed initials "JB" on the small uncheckered panel on the left grip.

Originally shipped to Colt's New York Office for Albert Foster, Jr. on September 7, 1912, this gun was subsequently shipped to Colt's for embellishment by Colt Master Engraver William H. Gough.  It was part of a four gun set created at the request of Albert Foster, Jr. for his attorney James Bowen.  In addition to Government Model C5, the Bowen set also consisted of a New Service Target in .44 Russian, an Officers Model Target.  All four of these guns are master engraved by Gough and bear a "JB" monogram in gold. 

Gough engraved firearms for Colt's from 1910 to 1940.  Gough's engraving style was very distinct incorporating vines, floral scroll and fine lined background.

Colt Government Model serial number C5 pictured with master engraved New Service Target with checkered mother of pearl grips.  Both the Government Model and New Service Target bear factory markings indicating that they were returned to the factory, presumably for engraving.

Detail of the vine and scroll engraving on the left side of the Colt New Service Target.

Gold inlaid "JB" monogram on the top of the New Service Target frame.

Detail of the vine and scroll engraving on the right side of the Colt New Service Target.

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