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Colt Woodsman Third Series Model .22 LR - Woodsman 3rd Series Huntsman S Master Colt Custom Shop Limited Edition 1 of 400, .22LR 4.5" Royal Blue, Cased, Serial Number 309030S (1983)

Woodsman 3rd Series Huntsman S Master Colt Custom Shop Limited Edition 1 of 400; .22LR 4.5" Royal Blue, NIB & Cased,  SN#309030S (1983) with mint correct beautifully figured (really nice) original walnut grips w/thumbrest, mint bore, correct mag, correct unique Elliason adjustable rear sight, unique (for Huntsman) slide stop mechanism/lever, original Xerox instruction sheet (they all were Xerox copies - 6 years after ending Woodsman production), list of authorized Colt warranty service stations and The Colt Companion brochure, Colt Congratulations! letter, The Colt Collection merchandise brochure w/order form, hang tag, in near mint correct woodgrain sleeve/styrofoam insert box with chartreuse Colt Custom Shop lable intact and numbered to gun.  Gun is finished in the striking high gloss Royal Blue (Python) finish accentuated by differing gold etchings on both sides of the slide and featuring a target shooter on the left (display) side.  Comes with walnut french-fitted display case with blue velvet interior and similar motif blue w/gold etchings edition plaque denoting Huntsman S Master Edition 1 of 400.  Display case is mint with key in kraft envelope.  Colt produced these as a parts clean-up effort 6 years after Woodsman production ceased and they were all 4.5" guns but around 285 had the regular untapered Huntsman barrel/front sight as does this gun and the remaining 115 had the tapered Sport model barrel with either the Sport trapezoidal front sight blade or the Target patridge front sight blade.  Some had 3rd Series triggers while this has a 2nd Series trigger.  Colt Factory Letter included.  Gun is strikingly MINT and unfired!

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