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Colt Woodsman Third Series Model .22 LR - Woodsman 3rd Series Huntsman .22 LR 6" Blue, Serial Number S100690S (1976) RARE Double 'S' Variety

Woodsman 3rd Series Huntsman .22LR 6" Blue, NIB, SN#S100690S (1976) RARE Double 'S' Variety with mint correct original walnut grips (no thumbrest), mint bore, correct mag, correct fixed rear sight,  original instruction sheet, Colt Authorized Warranty Service Stations brochure, Handling the Handgun brochure, hang tag, in outstanding correct woodgrain sleeve/styrofoam insert box with label intact and numbered to gun.  The Double 'S' Huntsman variation occurred in 1976 when the serial number series being used passed 100000S and reached 101336S BEFORE it was noticed that numbers used in 1952 were being duplicated.  Instead of destroying 1336 otherwise perfect guns, they were hand-stamped with an 'S' prefix in addition to the then currently used 'S' suffix (the Woodsman is Colt's Model S) thereby creating the "Double 'S' '' variation.  All known examples are Huntsmans and with the exception of one (1) I saw advertised sporting a 4.5" barrel, most known examples are of the 6" barrel variety.  (Thanks to Bob Rayburn in his Colt Woodsman Pocket Guide and Ed Brink in his Colt Rimfire Automatic Pistols, for the "Double S" information.)  Gun is strikingly MINT and unfired in Primo box.  These are seldom encountered and the only 2 others I have seen have been fired with readily evident wear.

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