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Colt Model 1907 U.S. Military Trials .45 ACP - Disassembly Instructions

Pistols with Concave Plug
Below the Muzzle
1900plug2.jpg (9806 bytes)

Always make sure pistol is unloaded!

1. Remove magazine

2. Depress spring loaded concave plug 1/8". Depressing the plug releases tension on the slide lock

3. With the left side of the pistol facing down, depress plug completely while pushing on right side of slide lock. The slide lock should drop out. Cock hammer and withdraw slide from the rear. No force is required to remove the slide lock. The slide lock will only exit the pistol from the left side.

4. Assemble in reverse order remembering to line up the small pin on the slide lock with the corresponding cut in the slide. Slide lock must be inserted from the left side while concave plug is fully depressed.

NOTE: Further disassembly of the Model 1907 U.S. Military Trials pistol requires the removal of pins and is not recommended.

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