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Ithaca Model 1911A1 U.S. Army .45 ACP (ca. 1945) - Serial Number 2128752

Paul Krokovic Collection

Ithaca - Model 1911A1 serial number 2128752 - One of 2,400 pistols manufactured in the serial number range 2127108-2129507 shipped January 16, 1945 to Transportation Officer - Benicia Ordnance Depot - Benicia, California.

Left side slide markings - ITHACA GUN CO., INC. plus ITHACA, N.Y.

Close-up of left side showing the ordnance inspectors mark "FJA".  This is the mark of Col. Frank J. Atwood.  The "P" proofmark is located on the left side of receiver, top of slide and left barrel lug.

Close-up of ordnance inspectors mark "FJA".  This is the mark of Col. Frank J. Atwood.

Right side.

Close-up of right side.

Close-up of serial number and United States Property mark.

Close-up of model mark.

Rear of gun showing grip safety and late grooved (7 ribs) mainspring housing.

Serrated hammer manufactured by Wright Engineering Co.

Ordnance "crossed cannon" inspection cartouche

HS marked - High Standard barrel

P proof on left side of barrel lug

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