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Colt Model 1911A1 U.S. Army .45 ACP - R.S. Inspected, Issued to USMC Colonel William K Lanman, Serial Number 731299

Jim R. Collection

Colt Model 1911A1 issued to William K. Lanman, a USMC Colonel - Colt M1911A1 .45 cal. S/N 731299, the slide has a matching serial number, Manufactured in June of 1941, it was shipped in a batch of 3,150 to the Commanding General at Springfield Armory on June 28,1941, the Barrel is Stamped COLT .45 AUTO with a P Proof Stamp on the left lug and a G "government approval stamp" just forward of the lugs.

Slide is serial numbered under the firing pin retainer 731299 same as frame, slide left side of the slide is marked PATENTED APR.20,1897. SEPT.9.1902 DEC.19,1905. FEB.14,1911.AUG.19,1913 - then there is a proper rampant colt - COLT'S PT.F.A. MFG.CO. HARTFORD, CT .U.S.A. there is a P proof on top of the slide forward of the rear sight, there is a G "government approval" stamp on the underside. The receiver is marked on the Right side UNITED STATES PROPERTY M1911A1 .U.S. ARMY No 731299, trigger guard marked 60 this is an assemblers code, Left side of receiver has Inspector mark, is RS inside a Box for Colonel Robert Sears, there is a P proof just below the mag release, there is a P proof on the trigger guard with a VP in the inverted triangle just below, on the frame next to the disconnect it is stamped RS inside a Box for Colonel Robert Sears and G "government approval stamp" The grips are original full checkered Coltwood with the small rings, the Magazine is a leftover WWI 2 tone with a B "Toe Stamp" This gun has a Brush Blue Finish in Excellent condition, this was the last year Colt put the blue finish on the M1911A1 and it was switched to a parkerized finish in 1941 about production run number 734000, making this Colt one of the last to have the factory Brush Blue Finish.


This is Colt and V-44 Collins Green Horn Fighting Knife "these were issued to Marine Pilot's in their bail out kits" belonged to and was purchased from Colonel William K. Lanman a WWII fighter Pilot in the USMC. Colonel Lanman was a career Naval and Marine Corps Pilot who won the Distinguished Flying Cross, four Air Medals, a Bronze Star and a U.S. Navy Commendation for his World War II service in the Solomon Islands combat zone in the Pacific. He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps Aviation in 1955. Col. Lanman Passed Away March 26 2001 at age 96 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Born in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Lanman was a 1928 graduate of the Sheffield Scientific School who had family ties to Yale dating back to the 18th century. A forebear, U.S. Senator James Lanman, graduated from Yale College in 1788. In the 19th century, three Lanman's graduated from Yale College: Charles J. in 1814, Joseph in 1864 and Charles R. in 1871. Colonel Lanman's two brothers also attended Yale; the late Henry R. Lanman graduated in 1932 from the Sheffield Scientific School, and the late Jonathan T. Lanman graduated from Yale College in 1940 and from the School of Medicine in 1943.

RS inside a Box for Colonel Robert Sears

Right side of 1911A1 serial number 731299.

Close-up of serial number and United States Property mark.

Model marking on right side of frame.


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