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Colt Model of 1911 U.S. Army .45 ACP - Serial Number 198

Scott Gahimer Collection

Model of 1911 U.S. Army serial number 198 (circa. 1912)  Pistol features early high polish finish and fire blued small parts.   This pistol was one of 200 shipped February 3, 1912 in the third shipment to Springfield Armory.
SN Range Shipped To Shipping Date
1 - 50 Springfield Armory January 4, 1912
51 - 100 Springfield Armory January 18, 1912
101 - 300 Springfield Armory February 3, 1912
301 - 500 Springfield Armory February 15, 1912
501 - 1000 U.S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn March 7, 1912
1001 - 1200 Springfield Armory March 21, 1912

Left side of Colt 1911 of U.S. Army, Serial Number 198.

On the earliest examples, the serial number was located on the forward right side of the frame. 

Left side - Colt logo in a circle is not present on the left side of the slide behind serrations.  This example bears the ordnance mark W.G.P., for Major Walter G. Penfield, in the form of a monogram stamped on the left side of the frame above the magazine release.  Penfield inspected these pistols from January 2, 1911 - September 30, 1914.  Serial numbers of Model 1911 pistols inspected 1 - 101500.

Type I two-tone magazine with exposed base plate.

Underside of slide and frame.

Top of slide.

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