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Colt Model of 1911 U.S. Navy .45 ACP - Serial Number 612 (ca. 1912)

Colt Model 1911 of U.S. Navy Serial Number 612 - This pistol was part of the first Navy contract of 500 guns shipped to the U.S. Navy, General Storekeeper, U.S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y. on March 9, 1912.

Pistol has early Colt in circle on the slide.

The mark of Army Inspector of Ordnance Major Walter G. Penfield.  Penfield inspected these pistols from January 2, 1911 - September 30, 1914.  Serial numbers of Model 1911 pistols inspected 1 - 101500.

Pistol has a later replaced magazine catch lock user approximately from serial number 6000 to present.

Close-up of serial number "No. 612" on forward right side of the frame.

"UNITED STATES PROPERTY" mark on the frame and early patent dates terminating with date of Feb. 14, 1911.

Pistol has incorrect later type magazine.

In this serial number, range Frank Hosmer's provisional inspection mark "H" should be horizontal and should be stamped on the rear of the slide.

This is the holster that accompanied this pistol.

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