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The Colt Walker, 1860 Army, 1862 Pocket Navy, 1862 Pocket Police, Single Action Army and New Frontier, Detective Special, Diamondback, Lawman Mk III, Trooper Mk III , Python, Gold Cup National Match and Ace, Government Model and 22 Conversion Unit, Combat Commanders and Lightweight Commanders, and the AR-15 Sporter. Also has a color section introducing the new 8” Colt Python. Center section with color photos of the Colt Sauer Rifles and Drilling. Back page has color photos of guns from the Colt Custom Shop.

8 ˝” x 10 ˝” 22

The new Colt "Python Hunter" .357 magnum revolver, the Colt Heritage Black Powder "cap & ball" revolvers (the Colt Walker .44, the 1860 Army .44, the Colt Dragoon .44, the 1851 Navy .36, the 1862 Pocket Navy .36, & the 1862 Pocket Police .36), the famous Colt Single Action Army revolver (the Peacemaker), the Colt SAA New Frontier revolver, the Colt Ace .22 automatic, the Colt Gold Cup National Match .45 automatic, the Colt Government Model .45 automatic, the Colt Commander and Lightweight Commander automatics, the Colt Detective Special .38 Special revolver, the Colt Diamondback .38 Special revolver, the Colt Lawman Mark III .357 magnum revolver, the Colt Trooper Mark III .357 magnum, the Colt Python .357 magnum revolver, the Colt Target Python revolver (8 inch barrel) in .357 magnum, .38 Special, and the new .22LR & .22WMR.

Also featured are the Colt - Sauer series of bolt action hunting rifles and the Colt - Sauer Drilling (a double barrel shotgun and single rifle barrel combination), the Colt AR-15 Sporter .223 semi-automatic (civilian version of the M-16 military rifle), Colt collectables - (the 1860 U.S. Calvary Commemorative Set, the Colt Heritage Commemorative Walker Set, the one of a kind "European Show Gun" Colt SAA revolver, & the Colt SAA Ned Buntline Commemorative revolver) and more!!!

8 ˝” x 10 ˝” 28

The Authentic Colt Black powder Walker & 1860 Army; Colt Dragoons & 1851/1861 Navys; 1862 Pocket Navy & Pocket Police; the Stainless Steel Black powder revolvers; the Gold Cup National Match and Ace; the Government Model & .22 Conversion Unit; the Combat & Lightweight Commanders; the Detective Special; the Diamondback; the Lawman & Trooper MKIII; the Python; the reintroduction of the New Frontier .22; the New Colt Mark V revolvers; the Colt Sauer Sporting Rifles & Drilling (in color); the AR-15 Sporters; Colt Collectables; the Colt Custom Shop and the services it offers.

8 3/8" x 10 7/8" 24

Marked 1982 Colt Industries Operating Corp, but catalog contains several items taht are not listed in the earlier 1982 catalog:
- 9mm conversion unit for any Gold Cup or Gov't Model
- the AR-15 4x scope.
- 3 pages of guns (14 handguns,2 conversion units,2 AR-15 rifles, Colt Sauer rifle, 3x and 4x AR-15 scopes and Colt Reflex Sighting System for the AR-15.)
- 2 page chart of the guns listing weight and dimensions
- page listing Colt Firearms Authorized Repair Stations.

8 ˝" by 11" 6

Features the AR-15 rifles with the new 9mm model and 4x scope. 8 semi-auto handguns,10 revolvers, Colt Sauer rifle and 22 LR & 9mm conversion units.

8 1/2" by 11" 11
1986   Two Versions
5 1/2" x 7"
8 1/2" x 11"


The Colt Python; the King Cobra & Peacekeeper; the Combat Elite & Gold Cup National Match; the new 10mm Pistol Delta Elite; the Government Model, Combat & Lightweight Commanders, and Officer's ACP; the .380 Government Model, Mustang .380 & New Mustang Pocket Lite .380; five models of AR-15 Sporters; the Colt Custom Shop and the services it offered; plus the New Delta Team combination of Delta H-BAR and Delta Elite.

8.5" x 10 7/8" 15

The Government Models .45acp, .38 Super, .40cal., AR-15's, Pythons, Detective Special, .380 Government Model, .380 Mustang, Custom Shop & accessories, Combat Elite, Delta Elite, Gold Cup National Match, Commander and Officer’s ACP and King Cobra.


Features the introduction of the 10mm Delta Gold Cup,  the 380 government model and the 10mm Delta elite in matte stainless finish.


Colt Catalog supplement: "The Colt Collection" accessories.
Form no BN 3/89


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