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COLT MODELS Gun of the Month - May 2010
Colt 1911 Military
Serial Number 3780
United States Marine Corps (USMC) Contract

Colt Model 1911 US Marine Corps Contract - .45 cal. S/N 3780, sold to the United States Government, shipped to Depot Quartermaster, United States Marine Corp, 1100 Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA on June 6, 1912 in a shipment of 300 pistols. 

This example has some replaced parts (slide is from a slightly later Model 1911, magazine release pin is a later type and hammer and grips [also mismatched] are from a M1911A1).  Barrel is original and is marked on the rear of the hood with a horizontal serif "H" and gun has key-hole magazine.  Gun has very little finish remaining and is being presented as-found.

Year Serial Number Range Shipment Qty
1912 3501-3800 Colt USMC 300
1913 36401-37650 Colt USMC 1250
1914 83901-84400 Colt USMC 500
1916 151187-151986 Colt USMC 800
1917 185801-186200 Colt USMC 400
1917 209587-210386 Colt USMC 800
1917 215387-216186 Colt USMC 800
1917 216587-216986 Colt USMC 400
1918 216987-217386 Colt USMC 400

Left side of 3780. 

Close-up of serial number.

Left side.  This example bears the ordnance mark W.G.P., for Major Walter G. Penfield, in the form of a monogram stamped on the left side of the frame above the magazine release.  Penfield inspected these pistols from January 2, 1911 - September 30, 1914.  Serial numbers of Model 1911 pistols inspected 1 - 101500.

Correct early style barrel with horizontal "H" with serifs.


Correct early style barrel with horizontal "H" with serifs.

Horizontal "H" with serifs on top of frame near disconnector.

Key-hole magazine.

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