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Colt Model 1911A1 Transition Model - Serial number 701705 was shipped February 7, 1924 as part of a 1000 gun shipment to the Commanding Officer at Springfield Armory.

Welcome to, the website for collectors of Colt Automatic Pistols. This site has served collectors since 1996 and includes both general and specific information on most pre-WWII Colt Automatic Firearms Models. Here you will find Photos and identification, historical information, firearms serial number and date of production information along with disassembly instructions, parts diagrams and original factory instruction sheets for these pistols. Just use the Quick Search above. To familiarize yourself with the site, please review the User's Guide.

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Click here to purchase Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols III am always looking for quality Colt Automatic Pistols, Revolvers and firearms related items manufactured before 1950 so please check my WANTS list. I am particularly in need of factory variations of engraved, inscribed and specially finished pistols (i.e. gold or silver plated). Additionally, I am looking for unusual grip types (ivory, pearl and deluxe walnut) as well as Colt Catalogs, advertising pamphlets, instruction sheets, original documentation, manufacturing gauges, presentation cases, etc. If you have a question about one of these models or if you have an item in which I might be interested, you can send an e-mail message to Email typically gets the fastest response, but if you would prefer to contact me by phone, my number is 703.281.6628. Exclusive - Colt Catalog Reference Guide 1888 - 2005

Colt Catalog Reference List 1888 - 2005


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