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Colt Ace .22 LR - First Year of Production, Serial Number 1711, Shipped to Max Cook, Wolf and Klar, Fort Worth, Texas

Rich DiFlorio Collection

Colt Ace serial number 1711  - Early Ace pistol, blue finish, shipped to Max Cook, Wolf and Klar, Fort Worth, Texas on August 22, 1931 in a three gun shipment.

Left side view.

An original yellow sight tag containing instructions for adjusting the the Ace sight.  The rear of the tag (right image) reads as follows:

"CAUTION - When adjusting Ace rear sight, care should be taken not to raise sight leaf (A) above top graduation line (B) on base. Tension of the threaded elevating screw (C) may be lost by careless adjustments and the effectiveness of the sight destroyed"

Rear of slide has serial number 1711 which matches the number on the frame.

Close-up of right side slide markings and serial number.

Close-up of left side slide markings.


Top of frame near disconnector.

Top view of adjustable rear sight.

Front grip strap.

Original two-tone magazine.  No hole in top rear of Ace magazine.  Early two-tone Ace magazines have been observed with a hole.

Base plate of the magazine with COLT over ACE in a diamond over 22 L.R.

Rear view of magazine.

Left side of slide.

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