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Colt Ace .22 LR - Collector's Information


General Characteristics Technical Specifications
Colt Ace Magazine Variations Early and Late type two-tone Ace magazines compared to a two-tone Service Model Ace magazine
Colt ACE serial number 211 First year of production (1931)
Colt ACE serial number 292 First year of production (1931)
Colt ACE serial number 794 Mint boxed example.  First year of production (1931)
Colt ACE serial number 1711 First year of production (1931)
Colt ACE serial number 5222 1934 production factory nickel plated example.
Colt ACE serial number 5241 Shipped to US Coast Guard.
Colt ACE serial number 6662 Mint boxed example. (1936)
Colt ACE serial number 7030 Belonging to Lieutenant Thomas P. Dunleavy, who was the Navy Chaplain aboard the USS Callaway (1936)
Colt ACE serial number 7103 Factory engraved with "B" coverage (1936)
Colt ACE serial number 7540 In original box numbered to gun with accessories
Colt ACE Late Production Circa 1938 with Rampant Colt behind slide serrations.
Colt ACE Sight Tag Variations Three variations of original ACE sight tags
Colt ACE Model Advertisement


Colt ACE Early Pamphlet  

Colt Ace .22 LR Advertisement from the November, 1930 issue of the American Rifleman.  The purpose of the ad was to determine if there were enough shooters with an interest in owning a .22 caliber pistol on a Colt .45 caliber Government Model frame to warrant the expense by Colt for the tools and other equipment required to manufacture this new pistol.

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