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Colt Model 1902 Military .38 ACP - Photos & Information


General Characteristics

Technical Specifications

Colt Model 1902 Military Known Army Contract Pistols Chart of surviving 1902 Military Army Contract examples.
Model 1902 Military Early Variation 1902 US Army Trials serial number 15003
Model 1902 Military British Proofed Early Commercial with British Proof Marks with holster.
Model 1902 Military "Marina de Chile" Contract Two Chilean contract examples.
Model 1902 Military with Checked Frame Factory checked front strap, back strap and trigger; target sights.
Model 1902 Military with Colt Factory Box Circa 1916 pistol with box, papers and cleaning brush.
Model 1902 Military Shipped with Smooth Factory Walnut Stocks One of thirteen guns shipped from the factory with this type of stocks. 
Model 1902 Military Siberian Expedition  
Model 1902 Military Late Variation 1921 vintage pistol.
Model 1902 Military Special Order Grips Example fitted with factory recessed medallion mother of pearl grips.

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